About Kelly Mayville

Owner of Uniquely Pure

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Time and time again, life has led me to the path of a new healing technique. I was inspired at a young age into the world of aromatherapy. The mood, elevating scents, countless health benefits associated with each plant and the joy of discovering just the right combination... it was then that my path became clear.

At the age of 15 I began studying Aromatherapy & Holistic Massage under the guidance of Linda Henderson in British Columbia. Through my mastery of — and passion for — the holistic way of life, I was able to learn how to harness the power of the healing touch and create blends of natural oils to eradicate or reduce the intensity of various ailments. I discovered the tools with which to build a strong foundation, for myself and to help others do the same.

After receiving legal accreditation to practice, I was inspired to travel the world honing my craft with the help of teachers abroad. The world holds guides at each of its corners. On my journey I gained authentic first-hand experience from many of them.

In China, I visited the magical island of Hu Jo/Hong Zu where ancient temples, burning incense and chanting monks overtook my senses. A elderly man there was performing Chinese Cupping on people in the crowd, and it quickly became evident to me just how effective this ancient modality is. My experience in China inspired me to continue my education in order to incorporate this into my practice today.

I then travelled to the sacred island of Maui, where my true healing began. I lived there for 8 years studying a number of ancient traditions and healing techniques. It was there that I met my best friend, teacher and spirit sister Daya Kaur. She used to wake me up before the sun and sit me down on a sheepskin rug and tell me to breathe with her. I thought she was crazy. But in the end, this simple practice showed me the secrets of myself.  It was then that I knew this healing path was my life path; a never-ending process of self discovery and discipline.

I completed my Kundalini Teacher Training in Toronto, Ontario. Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa in New Mexico inspired me to attain a deep understanding of the practice (along with my certificate from the Kundalini Research Institute).

During my travels I was often on airplanes. Bach Flower Remedies came into my life this way. I was sleeping in a funny position and somehow my body did not receive the oxygen it required. When I woke up I felt dizzy and passed out in the isle. I awoke with people all around me and on an oxygen mask. As you can imagine, this was traumatizing. 

A heavenly woman with silver hair covered in turquoise jewelry approached me and offered to sit with me for the remainder of the flight. She opened an old wooden box and in it were the contents of Bach Flower Remedies. She educated me on the use of these remedies and how they can bring healing to the emotional bodies as well as assist us in coping with the changing experiences in our lives. She offered me Star Of Bethlehem for the trauma I had just experienced, Mimulus for fears of things I could name and Rock Rose for terror. The immediate relief I felt was incredible. On a deep, internal level, these remedies offered me exactly what I needed to move past this terrifying experience.

I have learnt over and over again there is always a hidden gem in the negative experiences in your life.  

That day it was clear to me that the next step on my healing path was to become a certified Bach Flower Consultant. Through my research I found and an amazing instructor, Trish Green at a Healing institution in Burlington Ontario. Over the course of 2 years I completed my Level 1 & 2 in Bach Flower Training. It is now a huge part of what Uniquely Pure offers today.

If you’re going through a transitional time in your life or are just in need of some quiet revitalization, I welcome you into my home with open arms.


– Kelly Mayville


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Thank you Kelly — you’re simply amazing and as I drive away from your house yesterday, Uniquely Pure is the perfect way to describe YOU.
— Paula


Certifications & Credentials

Certificate in Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy - December 2002

Certificate of Indian Head Massage from the London Centre of Indian Champissage International - November 2006

Reiki First Degree of the Usui and Tera-Mai Systems of Natural Healing - September 2007

Usui Reiki Masters Teacher Certificate from the Academy of Health Sciences

Reiki Second Degree of the Usui and Tera-Mai Systems of Natural Healing - February 2008

Hot Stone Healing Therapy with the Canadian Holistic Therapists Training School - July 2008

Level 2 Bach Certificate from the International Education Program - November 2009

Level 1 Bach Certificate from the International Education Program - June 2009

Contemporary Cupping Methods Certificate from the International Cupping Therapy Association - May 2012

Yin Yoga Teacher Training from The Yoga Sanctuary - April 2014

Level One Instructor Training from The Kundalini Research Institute - May 2015

Certificate in Ear Candling Instruction (Theory and Experimental Learning) - July 2016 



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Graphic Designer

Erin is the owner of Erin Rachel Designs and the creative mind behind Uniquely Pure's branding and website. Erin's slogan is “Graphic Design for Social Good,” meaning that she strives to work with and support business owners such as Kelly, who work in the realms of health and wellness, the environment or education. View Erin's website here.