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Dreamy Hair Treatment + Massage Promo


Receive a Dreamy Hair Treatment during your next massage when you book before Oct. 15th. Also, save $3 on Dreamy Hair Treatment product (use code “DREAMY” at checkout)



Whether mild or severe, everyone has an ailment that needs tending to. Kelly's customized prescription of holistic therapies along with her medicinal aromatherapy line get to the root of clients’ discomfort. So that in the end, whatever stands in their way of achieving total wellness is banished completely or greatly diminished.


Based on twenty three years of experience as a holistic practitioner and a natural talent for creating harmony in the minds, bodies and spirits of her clients, Kelly Mayville provides a “healing hand” like no other. Using a variety of techniques, she achieves the type of results that leave clients astounded and keep her business thriving.

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Kelly’s passion and knowledge stimulate the senses and soul, exuding peace in a calming, accepting environment respecting individual strengths and abilities, instilling confidence while fostering unity and camaraderie.
— Silvana
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